No one foresaw the crisis?

Going back to a lower degree of generality can be traced interest in a particular brand, such as Ford. To illustrate the correlation presented side by side the actual data between the actual sales and the percentage change of the frequency of the password „Ford” into the search box.

No one foresaw the crisis?

One of the drawbacks of the queries, boarding is the difficulty in translating them into concrete investment decisions. Are able to advance to capture emerging trends and seasonality of certain data, but much harder to identify moments of feedback. But it is not impossible. The investor, who drew attention to the growing popularity of the password „subprime mortgage” at the beginning of 2007. Probably had withdrawn from the market when the mortgage market problems in the U.S. began to encroach on the front pages of newspapers. Economists are still long of the opinion that no one foresaw the coming problems, but much discussion is the argument – those who predicted they were simply in the minority. Most looked in the opposite direction. Of course, the growing popularity of the password is just the beginning.

To this text formed part not only in academic theorizing here are some tips that can be passed through to investors’ decisions and behavior of asset prices in the next few weeks selected:

* Password „foreclosure” most Americans are asking of the states, Florida and Nevada, which is where property prices have fallen the most. On average, information about bank listings are searched five times more than in 2006.
* Polish Internet users asked about „real estate” usually in August 2006., The popularity of the current password is about 40 percent. less than the peak period. Conclusion: The stabilization of prices? Possible, but the return of boom and prices to record levels in the immediate future is not likely.
* In the category Finance & Insurance in Poland over the last 90 days can quickly gaining popularity (in addition to the names of individual institutions) password „student loan”, and Real Estate category, look for news about ‚lodgings’, ‚tenancy agreements’ and ‚student housing’. I wonder if the best results of the third quarter of praise to the banks, which offer the most attractive student loans?
* Queries on specific banks and listed companies are in some way predict improvement in their performance relative to the sector, but not to be interested posądzonym of surreptitious advertising refer to a tool called Google Trends.

I encourage you to experiment with unconventional techniques and testing new tools, which would certainly not quick to penetrate into the banking mainstream. Who knows, maybe in a few years Nobel Prize in economics will not be granted to someone who will be translated into practical investment decisions.

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