New Reality

Absurd, focused on the functioning of mass media advertising industry also moved into the Internet. Until I shouted with amazement when Advertising Age wrote that the agency complained of lack of ad space on the sides of major portals, including also on Yahoo!. Managers kreowały false picture of the situation. On the billions of web pages are an infinite number of unsold advertising space. Many of these sites is much more audience-chosen for their needs, and certainly would be cheaper and more efficient than the home page Yahoo!.

Moreover, this does not happen yet so that the message of the ad will be read by anyone who enters on Yahoo!, Because not everyone goes to their homepage. In print and television advertisers pay for the entire audience – it is assumed that everyone who reads the newspaper, see it and advertising. Online advertisers pay only for sites where their ads appear – or, as Google AdSense, you pay only when a reader clicks on the ad. The Internet is a more viable and measurable advertising medium, but its performance is not in the interest of the agency, because remember: the more they spend, the more you earn.

Is is therefore still a shortage in the media? Some argue that our attention is decreasing, but this does not convince me. My attention is fixed – my day has 24 hours, 18 of them I’m running, of which the 17 hours I’m sober. And I choose, what I will focus attention at this time. I believe that my attention is more than ever, effective and focused on the content of higher quality. Right now, when I have more choice and control over their own time. Some people believe that confidence is slowly becoming a rarity. Well, it’s just always been true, but today I have more sources of information than ever before – not only my local newspaper, but also: „The Washington Post, The Guardian, BBC, bloggers, whom I respect and am, and many , much more.

Is the quality is still a rarity? Yes, of course. Arises, however, more and more material is also more possible that there are more people who create good material. The challenge lies in the selection of all materials to make this a good find. Where we see challenges, Google teaches us to look for opportunities. Businesses can be built based on the needs of selection: the commercial, which is the best product, the information they read so that we do not we already have, and entertainment that gather critical feedback from the crowd. Internet kills the scarcity and creates plenty of opportunities.

Google found a business model based on the creation, use and manage the abundance of the more content is to organize, the better, because there will be more places to put your ads there. If your business has been built on scarcity – and most are like – you have to ask yourself how you can manage and use the wealth.


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