Social Media WTF 2

Continuing the last post about Social Media

4 marketers sin – envy

Brands are jealous of the fact that social competition profiles have more fans, tracking or friends. Meanwhile, in quantities not only to the quality of communication should depend on marketers. Company asks: „How we can use new tools to increase sales?”. Want to use what they have, money, in order to obtain what they need – the consumers’ attention. Their object of jealousy is a Dell. Service Venture Beat says that Twitter for Dell products sold for the sum of over 3 million dollars. Is that really we should interpret the success of Dell? Just because the products that people buy through the phone, does not mean that the phone is the medium of marketing. Both the phone and service Twitter are a medium that connect brands with their customers. Brands should adapt their activities to what they do best and not what others do.

5 marketers sin – Gluttony

When the brand you have decided on the action in the area of social media often do too greedily, which leads to the sin of gluttony. The sudden presence in all channels of public communication of the Internet is like hijacking a goose chase. The decision often results from lack of earlier diagnosis and understanding of the specificity of the conversation that takes place within each
websites. Expansion strategy, as opposed to building relationships, where it is most effective, it contributes to the fact that as a result of the force is dispersed, and customers frustrated by the low activity of the brand.

Sin 6 marketers – anger

In Poland, the discussion raged in recent times with representatives of Internet journalists on the level of discussion on the Internet. It started with the respect to the quality of Jack Z?akowskiego comments on forums, newspapers. Editor verbally expressed your anger at TokFM broadcast on the radio and journalism. In the eyes of Internet users was part of an attack on freedom of expression, as a result Zakowski nadszarpna?ł your authority. It is true that plenty of Internet users are asked to cheek, but the brand should be the last player, who must quantify it. The network will always be Internet users, who will mourn for the brand. More and more services online encouraged to give opinions on products and services, so comments appear even if the brand is not maintained on the Internet. Answer should never be emotional. Will not help the defense because the good name brands, but rather to that dozens of blogs repeat the angry reactions of a brand, and the conflict will escalate.

7 marketers sin – Sloth

The sin of idleness occurs when the brand does not make sufficient effort has been made to their marketing efforts. Fans who visit brand profiles on social networking sites, are disappointed seeing no entries or the date of the last log before half year. Negligence committed by politicians, who during the election campaign intensifies presence in social media, that often (though not always) criticized such communications after the election. Laziness are also revealed through short-sighted actions. Skoda Auto Poland organized a contest „Win a Yeti”, where you can win the latest Skoda SUW. The authors decided to advertising material to put on the spot the end of a novel solution. Instead of giving the website address of the competition, they showed that they can traffic to the parties by entering the key phrase „win Yeti” in Google. Unfortunately, the website was launched just a day before your ads. Positioning is the process of staggered, so consumers instead of traffic on the page brand can easily traffic to websites, where the discussion started about the lack of time in the organic search results.

The research conducted in the United States in 2009, the company Cone shows that 78 percent. users of new media interact with the brand through social media’s performances. An increase of 32 percent. compared to 2008. A community implies that he wants to engage with the brand. Whether it can be done, without committing any of the seven deadly sins? Charlena Li of Altimeter Group believes that it is difficult to avoid mistakes in social media marketing. It is important to try to reconcile the principles prevailing in the social media company with organizational culture, what happens usually difficult. No errors could result from the fact that the brand takes no action and did not want to learn from their mistakes. Of course the best to learn from others’ mistakes, so be sure to observe the failure of others on the web and draw conclusions from them.

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