My Private History of search engines

Internet originally was a static network. On the page you were looking to get typing the web address in your browser. On the first search engine had to wait until 1990, when university student in Montreal created the first browser – Archi – which created the index file names are available on the Internet via FTP. Gopher was shortly afterwards that indexed documents.

The first Web search engine was already non-existent Wandex – and emerged some time later Aliweb ( – the oldest operating to this day search. However, these search engines have one disadvantage – search takes place only in a few areas, considerably more difficult to locate specific text on the page. The breakthrough was a search engine WebCrawler ( 1994 allows to find any string of characters appearing on any web page. Of such a work also lycos ( emerged shortly after.

After the formation of these two search engines, there has been driving the rash of various kinds acting like tools such as AltaVista, Infoseek, Excite or intkomi. Then it was the famous project two students – Yahoo! ie web directory with search engine. It was formed on the basis of our Virtual Poland (1995).

However, the breakthrough work proved to be another 2 students from the USA who, through BackRub design and develop a specific algorithm based on mathematical analysis developed in 1996 by Google, which in 1998 launched the logo of google at and incorporations. For two years the business has grown to google the world the power of the Internet. In the year 2000 has already generated 10 million queries per day.

Google system based on the beginning of the analysis of results and links from that page. With the relationship between the parties, the more accurate the results appeared above the search results. In those days the Internet boom and the huge profits of enterprise e-commerce has resulted in the emergence of new techniques, which artificially okłamywały „by search engines, giving the party a higher position. Higher position meant more inputs – and entry profits meant that thanks to the popularity of the Internet continues to grow in such companies.

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