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Google unveiled Google’s application Goggle, which is available for download from the Android Market site. Is offered in the English version, operating worldwide. Google Goggles (Google Goggles) is a new test (available in Google Labs) application for visual search (Visual Search), which finds its online content through images, not words, intended for devices running Android. When a user makes a camera phone picture, Google is trying to identify your subject and ask related search results.

The principle of the service Google’s Goggles (Google Goggles) is to try to match pieces of pictures into the database of images. When the search engine seeks out the matching results, returns search terms that are associated with a given image. Goggles recognize tens of millions of objects, including location, famous, artwork and logos. If sites do not even need to take pictures. Just run Google Goggles and to direct the phone to the place where we are interested. Goggles, Returning to our built-in phone GPS module and a compass, recognize the place, and displays its name on the camera screen. Clicking on the name you can get additional information.

„Sometimes a picture really worth a thousand words” – said Shailesh Nalawadi, product manager of Google’s Goggles. „For many queries, the use of the image is easier and more useful than a search using words and phrases, especially in the mobile phone. The technology of computer vision is still in its infancy, but the service Goggles shows its potential. We are working hard on improving the mechanisms that recognize images. ”

Besides the Google Goggles, Google also announced that the English site has been expanded to feature „the latest findings” that „animates” the search results, complementing them with a stream of dynamic real-time content across the network. Immediately after the execution of queries a user receives updated with information from the users of such services Twitter and Friendfeed, and news headlines and blogs, published literally seconds before. All are arranged in such a way as to show the latest content that matches the theme of the search.

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