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Inspired to write this article was a blog entry by David Griner, a strategist in the field of social media for business Luckie & Company. He compares the seven deadly sins for the offenses, which allow marketers to the marketing activities of the social networking.
Mediow theorist Marshall McLuhan, author of „Understanding Media: The extensions of man” from which the famous slogan, „Medium is the Message”, sees the medium as an extension of the human body. Traditional media sits tube for the transmission of marketing, becoming a very convenient tool in the hands marketers, easy to use, because based on the monologue with the consumer. Television, newspaper, radio is the perfect tools to draw attention to the recipient. Us to be able to directly influence his thought processes, which then lead to decisions to choose a particular brand.

Internet, particularly the social media, this medium-governing different laws. Not working here for one-way vertical way of transmission. Development of the Internet has changed from the previous recipients of consumer content creators in their. Social networking, blogs, mikroblogi, forums, help to strengthen the position of networked users who require the brand dialogue based on transparency and trust.

1 marketers sin – pride

Success in social media marketing is not so difficult to achieve, as it seems. What is needed is an appropriate long-term strategy. Activities should be geared not only to send messages to customers, but mainly to listen to their opinions by marketing research. Total accumulation and potential fans around the brand activity in the network will open new opportunities and help streamline business even if you make due attention will be taking their arguments. The main thing is to preserve modesty. It is still a lot of things that each brand can do. We do not publish a leader in the field of social media. Community in itself that decides on.

2 marketers sin – greed

Dream of every marketer is making with new tools. This is exactly what happens when a product or service meets consumer expectations. But if the brand expects you to just create a page on the site Facebook or conduct Mikrolog will increase turnover and a high ROI, it will meet their bitter disappointment. It is difficult to give a handshake, reaching out to someone’s wallet. Greed does not pay. Success in social media appears only when the brand through its activities has added value. JetBlue, American airline, has expanded the Customer Service channel on the site mikrobloggingowym. Has not done this in order to advertise low-cost calls, but to service its existing customers. Flying the nature of things is liable for inconveniences: delayed flight, lost luggage. Equipped with laptops and mobile clients pour out their anger on the Internet. Meanwhile, JetBlue on Twitter channel allows a quick, directed to all stakeholders to respond to all inquiries passengers. Customers are happy and share your experience with your friends. This example should be used as social media marketing.

3 sin marketers – impurity

Probably the worst of sins committed by the brand in social media is the main sin. Is the result of marketing activities, which aim to arouse the need to purchase or improve the brand image. This is of course the introduction of customer confusion. Examples of such actions are two blogs: „Wal-Marting Across America” and „All I Want for Xmas is a PSP”. The first of these is supported by „independent” from Wall Mart organizations, „Working Families for Wal-Mart,” and describes the adventures of couples arriving by car in America. At the same time the blog is full of positive employee relations Wall Mart stores. For each of the readers it was obvious that thirsty favorable PR firm finances the project. Despite the allegations, Wall Mart did not admit to link to the blog until there is evidence that it is conducted on his behalf by the PR agency Edelman. Another example of marketing campaigns is unclean viralowa shares for the product before Christmas for Sony PSP.

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