15 rules that I examined in ecommerce

The word „crisis” in modern times it is repeated so often that – even if not directly affecting our business – forces you to keep a closer watch on web site statistics. Faced with such figures for many large sites in the e-commerce (and especially in the advertising industry), attempted to prepare the most important, in my view, the parameters to be monitored in order to assess (and then improve) the effectiveness of the site. Is noteworthy that all of the following proposals can be measured using the solutions available on the market for free, like Google Analytics.

Parameters from the SEM
1. Share of organic search engine traffic to your site

If you know how many different search engines generated traffic to your site, you can compare these figures with the overall share of search in the entire market. If the number of visits generated does not reflect the popularity of local search, it’s probably part of your site involved in the relatively poor position in the organic results – and this in turn means the opportunity to improve the result (and audience) in the future.

This measure is not very useful , where one search engine had taken virtually the entire market, but it can be used successfully in markets where the leadership is not so strong – such as Ukraine, Russia or even the U.S. and UK. Britain.

2. Number of keywords that generate the details

This value allows you to specify the „friendliness” site for the words of the long tail (so-called Long Tail). A lot of unique words and phrases means that many areas of service is achieved high positions in the natural search results. If the word list is dominated by 1 – or 2-expression, it is probably ranked high in search results reach only some of the most important pages on your site (eg home page, category pages). The presence of longer phrases in the list is mainly thanks to high positions occupied by the offer, the search results or other sub-sites with more niche content.

3. Branding amount of traffic and not branding

Branding movement is that which comes from the terms associated with the brand and the name of the site and all its variations (eg typos). His small amount of brand awareness is low (users do not even known. Navigational queries) and the need to strengthen its image. If we see a small amount of traffic niebrandingowego, this site probably does not hold high positions in the natural results of functional terms. Keep in mind that monitoring of changes in traffic volume during brandingowego also allows you to evaluate the efficacy of its image (brand popularity is directly reflected in the number of search queries).

4. Volume of traffic coming through so-called. „Universal Search”

Google has long been no-shows only text results. Graphics, video, performance, or local news – all this gradually gaining its popularity. If you only see (and you can check this instance using the appropriate profile in Google Analytics) that one of these segments of the search brings more and more visits – definitely worth it to explore. Content available on e-commerce sites offer here a large scope for on the one hand positioning of graphics (to appear high in search engines like Google Images) and videos (if you have an animation or video product), on the other hand the content (especially industry announcements) that are easy to locate the geographical area. This is a big advantage and potential to be used and probably one of the most important elements to obtain a competitive advantage in the market.

Parameters related to the internal search engine

5. Quantity and characteristics of internal Search Results

Capacity to use internal search engine, as well as more detailed analysis of what looking at this way, users are excellent feedback for the further development of the site (and offers). Knowing the number of Search Results, you can also estymować revenue from contextual advertising because the placement of Google Adsense ads on pages of internal search results that are realized frequent form of traffic on the site. If we analyze the keywords entered, you will certainly find niches in which we invest to increase traffic and revenues.
6. Number of results for specified search

Executing a query, users expect to find reliable and relevant results – is an obvious truism. However, many e-commerce businesses underestimate the internal search engine. Take as an example of one of the biggest advert websites in the U.S. – Craigslist.org and results for the terms ‚Nokia’ and ‚Nokja’. The first work correctly, and another … unfortunately, leave much to be desired. Number of pages without any search results are particularly relevant here – first negatively affect the user experience with the party, and secondly immediately raises the question – what to do with the behavior of users? The possibilities are at least two: improving the utility (for example – as in this case – by the alpha-handling errors) or … once again attempt to move the realization of context-sensitive advertising (a method more appropriate for the advert websites).
7. Number of page views of search results

The network operates a lot of research results, which confirm that the users „are” on the first page of search results in search engines such as Google’s global. The same behavior of the internal pages of search results look a little different – users typically browse the search results more closely, because they want to offer the best selection of product, which has already decided (see especially well again at classifieds and auction sites). Given information on the involvement of queries where the user went to the second, third and subsequent search results page, you can specify for example, the optimum number of results to present on one side and also to determine whether the default sort criteria and the same quality of results is interesting enough.

General Parameters

8. Leading source of traffic

Do you know where it comes from the largest number of users on your site? How big is the source of traffic? The more your site is of it, the more risky it is for your business – especially e-commerce, where the online channel usually generates the most orders (revenue). Market leaders are usually sites with the highest viewing figures – viewing figures, which is the „convert” to the contract and profits. Imagine that is one thing, the most important source of traffic suddenly, in a stepwise manner, you cease to provide users. You generate fewer orders, a decrease of revenue … In order to avoid such a disaster, try to maintain a healthy balance between different sources of traffic so that the sudden (usually time – unexpected) loss of one of them shook your business.

9. Users once and returning to the page

Loyalty is very important in the era of the community. For example, the advertisements can be seen especially well through the prism of sold homes, cars or (often forced) to change jobs. If your group of loyal, returning visitors is small and / or decrease from month to month, you probably have a problem with the quality and breadth of service offers. As long as you’re not a strong leader with perfect knowledge of the brand in its niche, the small number of new members could mean that does not reach to its bid for the target audience and your business is not growing.

10. Average number of page views offer

This is probably one of the questions that best define the value of e-commerce site. In general, irrespective of whether we talk about auctions, advertisements, or to shop online, the seller wants to make sure it reaches with its offer to as many potential buyers. Here you can also ask some additional questions, supplemental if it was in page views each product? How many unique users reached on these pages? In the case of announcements and listings also appear additional questions such as whether I pay a good price for the opportunity to place ads / listings in this issue of the number of visitors? Is it worth it Search listings / announcements premium?

11. Source of traffic for the selected tender

If you want to do a more detailed analysis of the quantity and quality of traffic directly to the trafiającego offer, I suggest first to check which channels generated the most page views offer. While the search engines should play a major role in the direct access to the deals because of its potential traffic in the „Long Tail”, an indirect access (eg through the category pages) can be generated by many different channels. No direct bid to reach the parties raises the question of optimal design service for SEO and search engine requirements. There are no intermediate inputs, in turn, may mean problems with the utility service and / or proper presentation of content (eg through module „view related products”).

12. Bounce Rate and Exit pages offer

Reason for the end users visit the site offers is very important. Or find satisfaction of their product / offer (which, we admit, rarely happens) or are not sufficiently motivated to move to another page within the site. From the standpoint of the owner of the business will be a) lost a chance to generate more page views and b) less benefit to the seller (remember section 10?).

13. The life cycle of bids (auction or notice)

Another, more advanced parameter that we analyze for businesses e-commerce presents an offer for a specified period of validity (auctions, advertisements, rarely offer classic online stores). Given information about the number of views offers the first, second, … last day of its release online, you can from a business point of view to consider the introduction of the additional fees associated with its exposure (premium package) during periods of highest visibility.

14. Bounce rate used in the templates page

Bounce rate pages offer (see section 12), home page or search results page is completely different sizes, which should be analyzed separately. All, however, give the answer to the question of whether users are interested in different content, zaprezentowanymi in a selected manner, and whether the design (layout) is a visually attractive enough to keep them on the site.
15. Number of pages landing

This parameter allows you to find out how people begin a visit to the site: if by only a few pages (usually the home page and main category pages) or by a very large number of documents (if in addition: the search results page offers, etc.). This parameter is closely related to the measure described in Section 2 because a large number of inputs may be selected properly only when the subpages occupy high positions in the natural search results for keywords from the long tail.

Is just the beginning … `

Parameters presented above are only part of the measures that can be used in e-commerce. Reaching experience I know that there are far more useful and usable than the standard and trite already „the number of visits” or „number of views.” Surely they can be a good base for more sophisticated measurement and analysis, depending on the individual characteristics of the website.

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