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New Reality

Absurd, focused on the functioning of mass media advertising industry also moved into the Internet. Until I shouted with amazement when Advertising Age wrote that the agency complained of lack of ad space on the sides of major portals, including also on Yahoo!. Managers kreowały false picture of the situation. On the billions of web pages are an infinite number of unsold advertising space. Many of these sites is much more audience-chosen for their needs, and certainly would be cheaper and more efficient than the home page Yahoo!. Continue reading →

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And the confirmation of what I wrote you last.

Here is a list passwords Continue reading →

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No one foresaw the crisis?

Going back to a lower degree of generality can be traced interest in a particular brand, such as Ford. To illustrate the correlation presented side by side the actual data between the actual sales and the percentage change of the frequency of the password „Ford” into the search box. Continue reading →