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Visual search

Google unveiled Google’s application Goggle, which is available for download from the Android Market site. Is offered in the English version, operating worldwide. Google Goggles (Google Goggles) is a new test (available in Google Labs) application for visual search (Visual Search), which finds its online content through images, not words, intended for devices running Android. When a user makes a camera phone picture, Google is trying to identify your subject and ask related search results. Continue reading →

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Social Media WTF 2

Continuing the last post about Social Media Continue reading →

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New Reality

Absurd, focused on the functioning of mass media advertising industry also moved into the Internet. Until I shouted with amazement when Advertising Age wrote that the agency complained of lack of ad space on the sides of major portals, including also on Yahoo!. Managers kreowały false picture of the situation. On the billions of web pages are an infinite number of unsold advertising space. Many of these sites is much more audience-chosen for their needs, and certainly would be cheaper and more efficient than the home page Yahoo!. Continue reading →